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Penalty shoot out

A few years ago, I was coaching a team at a tournament. It was the quarter final, and the game went to a penalty shootout. Very nerve wracking for the boys. We were to take the first penalty, and George went forward to take it. Unfortunately, he mishit his kick and it went well wide. He was very tearful when he came back, despite the best efforts of the team and myself to console him. I added, “Don’t worry mate, it’s a very small goal. I bet lots of other boys miss too.” The opposition had their first kick, and sure enough, their boy missed, his shot hitting the post and rebounding away. “There you are George,” I said. “They’ve missed too.” “Yes,” sniffed George. “But at least he hit the post!”


Capital Cities

Hamish had a special ability with countries, their flags, and their capital cities. I wore a shirt to training once with sixteen flags on it, and Hamish, age 7, came up, pointed at each flag one by one and named the country. Half of them I didn't know myself. He could also name the capital city of just about any country you care to name. So at one holiday programme, I called Hamish over to where the coaches were sitting, and said: "Hamish, shall we get the guys to name some countries, and you can tell them what the capital city is?" Hamish said: "If you like. I'm pretty good on my capital cities, but not so good on mountain ranges."

Vincent from Pt Chev, is player of the season at western springs!
Eva, Golden Boot winner, 3 Kings United
Alessandro, the owner of Gina's
Blake from 3 Kings
Woohoo! Thanks Ginas!
Blake Blake
Hugo from Kohimarama School gets stuck into his pizza at Gina's!
Superheroes Oscar and Archie at Grey Lynn
Hugo Superheros
Damar's birthday November 2015
Eastern Suburbs - Taupo Tournament 10th Grade Champions


At one of my lunch time classes I noticed during roll call that Josh was away. “Does anyone know if Josh is at school today?” I asked. Came the reply: “Yes, but he hurt his foot on Monday. He’s on crunches.”

Me and Pies!

One young lad came along to the class full of the joys of life. "Billy, today's the best Wednesday ever!" he exclaimed. "That's great to hear. Why's that?" I asked. "Because first I've got Billy Harris, and then I'm going to Nanna's for meat pie!"


Some of my practice games require the kids to crouch down on the field. But one of the boys couldn’t crouch down. His mum had told him he was electric to grass.


Most people pay online nowadays, which is very convenient. But, with parents’ surnames sometimes not matching their child’s, it can be tricky figuring out who’s paid for whom. So I asked young Liam if he could tell me his mum’s first name. “Yes, it’s Mummy,” he said. “That’s right,” I said. “But you know how your name’s Liam, and my name’s Billy, what’s mummy’s name?” “It’s Mummy,” he assured me. “But her middle name’s Nicole.”

Sister Act

A very young girl was watching one of my classes, and as the kids were doing their dribbling practice, I asked her "And who's your brother or sister? She must have thought I said "Who's your sister?" because she replied: "I don't have a sister. I'm my brother's sister." Wow, I thought, that's impressive. I asked her "And how old are you?" "Four," she said. Do all four year olds think so laterally nowadays?

Jack, from Grey Lynn, was most improved player at Western Springs last season. This season he's best all rounder!
Josh, Marist Herne Bay, most improved player Western Springs Sea Lions.
Two 6 year olds (yes,6!!) at Ponsonby Primary many years ago
six year olds
Anthony, Stanley and Rainer from Grey Lynn School enjoy the sponsor's product
What you do waiting for pizza!!
Don't mess with these rascals

Tessa, Charlotte and Poppy each bet me a chocolate bar that Portugal would win Euro 2016. Good guess girls